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  1. Aluminium Poker CaseAluminium Poker Case

    Aluminium Poker Case

    This high-quality aluminium poker case is a must for all poker players who are going to impress their game partners. It includes everything you need for a successful poker round: 500 professional chips with metal core, two sets of playing cards, five dices, one dealer button, one little blind button and one big blind button. High-quality chips with a fabulous 11.5 g weight are heavier than the most common chips and ensure a real casino experience. Round shaped chips allow for easy stacking especially with one hand. Secure case catches are provided with locks so you can always lock up your precious case.
  2. Dybior Gambling TableDybior Gambling Table

    Dybior Gambling Table

    Dybior Gambling Table offers 5 games in 1 table: Chess, Checkers, Roulette, Craps and Black Jack. Plus it works has a coffee table.
  3. Elite Dart Board

    Elite Dart Board

    Elite Dart Board offers 31 different games, with 125 variants. It features 4 LCD screens for 16 players, digital sound effects, double / triple in/out for 301 games and large ring for lost darts. Included accessories: 12 soft tips for darts and spare tips 230V power supply
  4. Casino Table Top for Black Jack or Poker

    Casino Table Top for Black Jack or Poker

    This table was designed for poker, black jack and other games up to eight players and it ensures the real experience of playing in a casino. Its structure includes a support for cups and trays for small snacks, so this is a table for leisure and recreation. The top of the folding table can be easily stored until the next time. It includes a case to carry your casino games for a visit to friends.

4 Item(s)