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  1. New York Jukebox

    New York Jukebox

    This extra jukebox is an elegant, small sound system, perfect for retro style lovers. This jukebox features two speakers, a radio system (AM/FM) and a high-quality CD player.
  2. Luxury JukeboxLuxury Jukebox

    Luxury Jukebox

    Retro style fans will fall for this jukebox, not only because of its traditional design that remind us of an old Wurlitzer but also because of its excellent sound quality. It features a wooden structure with a 4.1 stereo system with two speakers, two tweeters and a subwoofer that guarantees an exceptional sound quality. It also features a high-quality Sanyo CD player, USB, SD card slot, AUX and Bluetooth. It also contains a radio system (AM/FM) and a LED system with seven colour rotations, providing a spectacular visual effect.
  3. Las Vegas JukeboxLas Vegas Jukebox

    Las Vegas Jukebox

    Las Vegas Jukebox design remind us of an old Wurlitzer, so it's perfect for retro style fans. With an extraordinary sound quality, this product is made of wood and it features an excellent stereo sound system. It also integrates a radio system (AM/FM) and LED lights with a colour rotation system, which provides a nice disco environment.

3 Item(s)