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  1. Varas Verdes - Bar Chair

    Varas Verdes - Bar Chair

    A higher position with additional comfort. Customize a bar area or combine it with a meal space the creative reuse of materials.
  2. SIT’ABIT Jr. Cork Stool - Pack of 2SIT’ABIT Jr. Cork Stool - Pack of 2

    SIT’ABIT Jr. Cork Stool - Pack of 2

    This seriously playful and ecological children’s stool, made of this unique natural material, resistant yet soft, that is cork, is a didactic yet funny piece, mounted without using glue or any mechanical fixings. Its design aimed for smooth safe contours and aims boosting the understanding of the simple constructive logic by children. Made from high density Portuguese cork agglomerate SIT’ABIT Jr. CORK flat-packed, easy-to-assemble stool is not only an eye catcher, but also playful in spirit and environmentally friendly. It features a handle on one of its legs and is very practical to take or to store away with its reusable packaging when not needed or for travel. Its child-friendliness and safety indeed invite kids to hang around with it, finding a restful friend when tired of playing…!
  3. SIT’ABOOL Easy ChairSIT’ABOOL Easy Chair

    SIT’ABOOL Easy Chair

    A relaxed and relaxing piece of furniture that balances between a solid and a weightless existence. Something Kundera would call an “unbearable lightness of being”… We, rather presumptuously, called it SIT’ABOOL. This lounge chair was conceived following the philosophy of glue and mechanical fixings-free mounting of the PLY&co.® line. Despite its screw-free concept this is a sturdy and stable piece. You can use it outdoors; it’s perfect for a summer gathering in your lawn. The textile straps are adjustable and customizable, possible to combine with straps of other colors (kits available by order). The disassembling of the parts will allow you to have it as your seat of choice anywhere life may take you, flattening down to 1/5 the volume of the assembled unit and equivalent carbon emissions.
  4. Modulate ChairModulate Chair

    Modulate Chair

    The concept of this piece involves the construction of a modular chair. This piece aims to be used as a chair, quickly adaptable as highchair, increasing its height by a second module embedded into that very chair. We can still turn it different ways, to be disassembled and re-grouped, the second module can also be used as a bank and as table support.

4 Item(s)