Bedside Tables

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  1. Stool/table Três

    Stool/table Três


    Três' stool/table has 3 sides, 3 legs, but many forms of fit that adapts to any person and posture. The imagination is the limit.
    It works as a modular stool or side table in cork material, portuguese noble material, the seat is supported by a touch of color and fun!

    Design by Mendes’Macedo
    Made in Portugal

  2. Varas Verdes - BedSide TableVaras Verdes - BedSide Table

    Varas Verdes - BedSide Table

    Some objects we consider important and that we don´t live without them around. Our mission is to organize in a simple way different utilities in order to tranquilize the mind for a rest and peaceful sleep.

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2 Item(s)