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Chamomile Grow Pencil

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The Chamomile Grow Pencil is an aromatic pencil with chamomile seeds and a chamomile aroma.
After usage, instead of throwing it away, it can be buried in a pot, add some water and it starts growing herbs.
Estimated Delivery Time - 3 Days
1. When the pencil is too short, you can bury the white part into a pot with soil.
2. Slightly bury the pencil with some angle. Bury only the white part.
3. Add some water and keep the soil moist. The seeds germinate after 7-14 days.
4. Place the pot in a local with some hours of sun.
5. When the soil appears to be dry (check with your finger), add some water.
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Estimated Delivery Time 3 Days
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Brand Life in a bag

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