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  1. Herbal Teas Kit HamperHerbal Teas Kit Hamper

    Herbal Teas Kit Hamper

    Hamper filled with mouth-watering products using Portuguese biological raw materials.
  2. Great Taste Award HamperGreat Taste Award Hamper

    Great Taste Award Hamper

    Great Taste Award Hamper brings together a range of products from herbal teas, to jams and dried fruits. Perfect to offer as a gift or to enjoy the best that nature has to offer.
  3. Black Tea Flavoured Earl Grey "IT by Jugais"

    Black Tea Flavoured Earl Grey "IT by Jugais"

    Characterized by bergamot essence, that is part of its composition and gives it its fragrant aroma, the Earl Grey tea is one of the most sold and appreciated worldwide. And this is not any Earl Grey! Produced in the best plantations in China, it gives you all the charm of the Far East, its rituals of tea, the peace of mind that accompanies those moments, the silence so needed to recuperate and face, with optimism, each new day. Try it! You will elect it for your well-deserved breaks, your moments of rest and meditation, a meeting between friends, and happy hours with family.
  4. Black Darjeeling Tea "IT by Jugais"

    Black Darjeeling Tea "IT by Jugais"

    For many this is the king of teas, produced by the best in the world. For us, it's one of our products of choice, our pride. Cultivated more than 2000m above sea level in the stunning scenery of the Himalayas, it is a tea with unique flavor, slightly floral, slightly fruity, surely irresistible. Less caffeine, the same pleasure and a gift of nature for the sake of your health, welfare, joie de vivre.
  5. Black Tea Flavoured with Chocolate "IT by Jugais"

    Black Tea Flavoured with Chocolate "IT by Jugais"

    Do you appreciate a good tea? Do you like chocolate but avoid it of fear of extra calories? Thinking of you, here it is the perfect mix of your favorite flavors, for your ecstasy, and what's best, with very few calories. The scent is divine, the flavor worthy of the most discerning maharajas. Try it! We are sure that you will be enjoying a beverage that is not only delicious and unique, but also beneficial because tea is one of the healthiest drinks. Produced in India, here it is an exotic, different tea, that can transform your tea breaks, together with friends or family, in moments of pure magic and evasion.
  6. Black Tea Flavoured with Apple and Cinnamon "IT by Jugais"

    Black Tea Flavoured with Apple and Cinnamon "IT by Jugais"

    Produced in India and enriched with extraordinary aromas of cinnamon and apple, here is an unusual and exquisite taste, unlike very few. Invigorating and delicate, it has a multitude of qualities, highly effective in protecting the health, such as heart diseases, prevention of certain cancers, osteoporosis, and circulation problems. Its caffeine, considerably lower than that contained in a cup of coffee, gives you mental alertness and a sense of well-being, essential to start a new day with energy and optimism.
  7. Vital Skin Tea "IT by Jugais"

    Vital Skin Tea "IT by Jugais"

    Every tea has essential antioxidants to prevent acne, damages caused by solar exposure, cutaneous inflammations and, even, skin cancer and other tumours. But now on you also dispose this infusion that, alongside the tea you usually consume, you will strengthen even more your defences and your epidermis. With a pleasant blend of rooibos, ginger, cardamon, anise and cinnamon, smells good...and will make you even better.
  8. Oolong Tea Formosa "IT by Jugais"

    Oolong Tea Formosa "IT by Jugais"

    Produced in Taiwan, this variety of oolong tea is considered by many the champagne of teas, because it combines and enhances the best of green and black tea, giving it a unique fragrance, soft and silky taste and the excellent preservation of its components, it is rich in antioxidants, indispensable for combating free radicals and, consequently, certain types of cancer. Containing less caffeine than the black tea, and with a content of only 15% over a cup of coffee, Formosa Oolong tea is ideal for anyone who wants to lose weight and it can be an invaluable aid for digestion and if consumed regularly it will help to promote your skin's health and beauty.
  9. Fruits and Tea Jams Experiences PackFruits and Tea Jams Experiences Pack

    Fruits and Tea Jams Experiences Pack

    This is a pack especially created for tea time, exclusively for UNIKSTORE. A true experience of flavors, now within your reach in one single pack. Extra Rock Pear Jam with Douro Moscatel Extra Apple Bravo Esmolfe Jam with Mint and Port Wine Extra Fundão Cherry Jam with Lime Extra Blackberry Jam with Lavender Green Tea with Citrus Black Tea with Peach

9 Item(s)