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  1. Fancy SunglassesFancy Sunglasses

    Fancy Sunglasses

    The concept for this new model comes from recent trends dictated by the European fashion. A touch of extravagance and sophistication distinguishes these glasses from our other models.
  2. Stylish SunglassesStylish Sunglasses

    Stylish Sunglasses

    The casual and relaxed style adopted by urban tribes such as surfers and skaters was the inspiration for this model. A most irreverent design, based on the lifestyle of young people who give life and movement to our cities.
  3. Smooth SunglassesSmooth Sunglasses

    Smooth Sunglasses

    The lifestyle of the modern European society inspired the design of these glasses of smooth lines, but markedly trendy and timeless. The cosmopolitan rhythm of the European capitals of fashion, that annually dictate the trends, was the guideline for the creation of this model.
  4. Cool SunglassesCool Sunglasses

    Cool Sunglasses

    Inspired by the great 70’s, this new model is the result of the fusion of concepts that marked an era and generation, Vintage and Bohemian. Totally within the new trends, this model will certainly make a difference in this collection.
  5. Kamini Ebony SunglassesKamini Ebony Sunglasses

    Kamini Ebony Sunglasses

    Kamini Ezralow, worldwide renowned designer, is the designer of the new and glamorous model of NaturaLook. With roots linked to India and South Africa, grew up in Hong Kong where he attended a German school. She studied in Paris, London, Hong Kong and Los Angeles, and despite having clients in the four corners of the globe, she chose London to build her own studio. Their line in NaturaLook evidence Extravagance with a touch of elegance and glamor, the result of the fusion of cultures and experience of the designer.
  6. Moonrise SunglassesMoonrise Sunglasses

    Moonrise Sunglasses

    The design of this new model MOONRISE, is from Pauline Gilian, a renowned designer from Paris, totally surrendered to the concept of wood glasses. Presently in the furniture area the designer has collaborated with famous luxury brands, such as Louis Vuitton and Cartier.With trendy lines and bold details, the designer, in the NaturaLook collection, bets on vibrant colours, creating a unique dynamic and singularity to each model.
  7. Miguel Oliveira Limited Edition Palm3 SunglassesMiguel Oliveira Limited Edition Palm3 Sunglasses

    Miguel Oliveira Limited Edition Palm3 Sunglasses

    Really light and resistent sunglasses due to its policarbonate material. The lens are also made in policarbonate and have the maximum protection against the sun, UV400.

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7 Item(s)