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  1. Wave SunglassesWave Sunglasses

    Wave Sunglasses

    The extensive portuguese coastline bathed by the Atlantic Ocean was the motto for the creation of this model. Its rounded lines were inspired by the waves that one day took us to the most remote adventures, and which are now sought by tourists from around the world.
  2. Square SunglassesSquare Sunglasses

    Square Sunglasses

    The practice of sports such as surf and skate served as a base concept in the process of creating this new model, and its design aims at being synonymous of these practices. Balance and stability, essential characteristics of a board, reflected in the lines that structure this dynamic model.
  3. Eighties SunglassesEighties Sunglasses

    Eighties Sunglasses

    The eighties were marked by the conquest of new frontiers, in regards to freedom of expression and information. There were years of revolution and changes that we intend to honour with this model, inspired by an iconic style of the decade.
  4. Miguel Oliveira Limited Edition Palm3 SunglassesMiguel Oliveira Limited Edition Palm3 Sunglasses

    Miguel Oliveira Limited Edition Palm3 Sunglasses

    Really light and resistent sunglasses due to its policarbonate material. The lens are also made in policarbonate and have the maximum protection against the sun, UV400.

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4 Item(s)